My Story

I live in Sydney surrounded by bushland and not far from the coast.

My kiln is powered by a solar array that tracks the sun as it moves across the sky.

The concepts for new work begin with the experiential, the moving about and exploring of a natural space by walking, listening, observing.

This being-in-the -world' experience inspires investigations of narratives of culture, history and science associated with that particular place. I look for stories about how the everyday existence of our daily cultural lives intertwine with the natural world we inhabit.

In the words of art critic, Germano Celant what interests the discovery, the exposition, the insurrection of the magic and the marvellous value of natural elements. Like an organism of simple structure, the artist mixes himself with the environment...he enlarges his threshold of things.


Germano Celant,  Art Povera (New York: Praeger, 1969)


Clay Intersections Story, The Australian Design Centre.

Courtesy of Mu Gallery, Coast Exhibition.